Air Conditioner Turns On and Off Right Away

 A great investment for the comfort of your home is an air conditioner. Naturally, you want it to last long and give you a great performance. However, even if you maintain it as best you can, it may still fail you once or twice. A common happening is a short cycling, or when your unit turns on and off repeatedly. If this happens, then you might have higher energy costs, uneven temperatures, and an air conditioner malfunction. That may be because of a variety of causes you don’t notice in your unit, here are some reasons why.

Dirty Air Filter

Ideally, your air filter must be cleaned or replaced every 30 days. If it is clogged and restricts airflow, your air conditioner might stop working for a while and eventually try to turn back on. This is a quick check-up and fixes you can do yourself. 

Dirty or Frozen Evaporator Coil

 When the evaporator coil gets covered by dirt or ice, it gets insulated. The refrigerant in it won’t be able to absorb heat from the air. It will be tricky to clean this up so better call your HVAC contractor to help you out.

Dirty Condenser

Your unit’s condenser is always exposed outside. It is more prone to dust, dirt, or debris, than any other part of your system. Check if no grass or foliage are obstructing its airflow. 

Thermostat Issues

Sometimes, the problem might be brought by your thermostat. It might have inaccurate readings if it is placed somewhere near windows, kitchens, or vents. Place it somewhere near the center of your house.

 Check the settings on your thermostat. There might be some problem with the timer. Consult your owner’s manual to see how to change it.

Look at the screen of your thermostat. If it is blank, it might need some new batteries or is broken. If it is the latter, call a professional for repair or replacement.

Grime In The Compressor

The compressor might overheat if there is a buildup of grime in it. It might malfunction or fail. This is an essential part of your air conditioner, so call your contractor to help you with it. 

Low Refrigerant Level

 The refrigerant in your unit is responsible for absorbing heat from the environment. It runs through the coils and the compressor. Your air conditioner won’t work efficiently and short cycle, if it lacks refrigerant. You may ask your technician to detect if your unit has the correct amount of refrigerant in it. If not, it only needs a recharge.

A more complex problem you might have is a refrigerant leak. Sensors within your air conditioner will turn it off if it detects a leak. This will also cause your unit to have a low refrigerant level. It is better to call your HVAC contractor for help.

Short cycling is a sign of trouble in your air conditioner, but it will vary from easily fixable to more serious ones. Make sure to contact a professional for help if it is getting out of hand.