How To Cut Concrete Pavers

Concrete is used on various home projects for its amazing properties. Of course, it is also a common material for paving stones or pavers. When you use them for that, you may need to cut them to suit the place you are going to put it. You may do that for edges or corners.

In this guide, we are going to help you know how to cut concrete pavers. They are tough, so follow us and the options we are going to present to you, so you can do it correctly.


Before you start, make sure that you are wearing the proper equipment and clothing. Protect yourself from all the harm you may encounter in doing your work. You may also get all the materials that you think will come in handy.

1.Chisel and Lump Hammer

The old-fashioned way of cutting concrete pavers is using a chisel. You may want to mark the area that you want to cut off. It will make things easier and make sure that you do it correctly. Hold the chisel on the line, then bring it down with a lump hammer, applying steady force. Repeat the process twice or thrice, until the piece you want to remove falls off. If there are uneven edges, then you can use your chisel to make it look better.

2.Hand-held Saw

Another option for you to use is a hand-held power saw. Set up your work stand and secure the paver. Make sure that you will use a blade that is suitable for the work, like carbide or diamond-tipped. Never attempt using ones which are only meant for wood. You may need to do it from one up to three passes to do the work. It is significantly faster and easier. However, they are not very useful when you are doing and angled cut.

3.Table Saw

You may also use a table saw to cut off your concrete paver. Remember to change the blade to one that is suitable for the work you will do. Table saws are more powerful than hand-held ones, so one pass is probably enough to do it. However, like the hand-held saw, it is very hard to do an angled cut.

4.Specialty Saws

There are also saws specially made for cutting concrete pavers. However, you may not have one on your home, so you may need to rent it from your local hardware store. If you want it as an investment, then purchasing one is also good. They are like small table saws that you may attach to a hose and keep the area wet. They are very useful when you know how to maximize their use.

If you are doing a home project, you may need to consult some experts if you need help, especially if you do not have the tools. It is better to ask them, so you can efficiently do your job. It will make everything easier and faster for you. Contact one now and successfully do your project.