How to Manually Turn On An AC Unit

Sometimes we can’t help but misplace some of our belongings like keys, cards, money, and others. This might be common but may still stress you out, especially if what you lost is a remote controller for an appliance. It might even make your head hurt if the temperature is getting hot and what you misplaced is the controller for your air-conditioner. Don’t worry though for not all hope is gone. You can still do something and that is to do things manually. It is always good to keep that as a back-up plan.

The first thing you can do, to make sure you are on the right track, is to consult your user’s manual; that is, if you still have it. Oftentimes, this will answer most of your questions and solve your problem with your air-conditioner. It will also help you locate the parts in your unit that you have to tinker. If you do not have it,

Here are tricks to help you turn on your unit manually:

1. Look For the Power Button

Different brands, models, or types of air conditioners will have their switch placed differently, but they will all have one. It is a safety standard for all air-conditioner units to have a power button. If you have your manual, look at it and it will have a diagram showing the parts of your unit, but if not, try inspecting it and you might find the button somewhere near the thermostat, behind the front grille, or at the lower right corner. Now it will be simple to turn it on or off.

2. Reset the Unit

You can try resetting your air-conditioner if it turns on then shuts down because of a timer. Some units have reset buttons but you can do this by unplugging it and waiting for 30 minutes before plugging it again.

The breaker can also be used to reset the system. Go to your basement or to where you keep your breaker. Turn off the one for your air conditioner and wait for 30 seconds, then you can turn it back on.

3. Download some Apps that might Help

Available on Google Play Store are some air-conditioner related apps. You can try these out. Download one of those apps then follow their instructions to connect to your unit. Not many people lose their mobile phones so this may be a good replacement for your remote control. If you find this good or you are comfortable with it, you can keep using your phone to turn your air-conditioner on or off. If not, you can still look for or purchase another remote control but be sure to not lose it this time!   

We hope that we were able to aid you with your predicament, but if not, then there is probably much more to it than what you think. Do not hesitate to reach out and remember that your HVAC contractor, technician, or professional will always be ready to help out.