What Service Should Be Done On Home Air Conditioners and Furnaces?

Signing up to a service plan offered by your HVAC contractor might relieve you of some worry about maintaining your HVAC system, especially your air conditioner and furnace. It will help you make sure that everything will work perfectly every time you need it to. It will make sure that even if outside temperatures are extreme, inside your house will still be comfortable. Check-ups, tune-ups, and inspections should be in place. Here are the essential services your units need for maximum efficiency.

Electrical Components and Controls

Some problems you might encounter may originate from the electrical components of your units. Checking the wires, capacitors, fuses, and breakers occasionally will help minimize that. Oiling the motors as needed will also make sure it will run smoothly.

Air Filter

One of the defining factors of airflow in your system is the filters. They get dirty after a while so check them at least once or twice a month. It depends on your units’ type, model, or brand if its filter can be cleaned or needs to be replaced. Just make sure that the filter you buy won’t restrict airflow.

Evaporator Coil

The air filter protects the evaporator coil from dust and dirt but over time, it will still accumulate some. It is important to examine this one once in a while because it won’t be able to absorb heat if it’s dirty. Sometimes, ice may also build up here, but your technician can easily get rid of that using special chemicals for the task. 

Condenser Coil

Among all the other parts of your unit, this is the most exposed to debris and dirt. As it is placed outside, make sure it is free of grass, weeds, or other plants. Make sure air will flow nicely in it.

Refrigerant Amounts

 Your technician or contractor should include checking your air conditioner’s refrigerant amount occasionally. Eventually, it will decrease due to usage and won’t cool the air as much. It can be recharged by your technician to efficiently cool air again. Regular service will also give your contractor a chance to catch possible leaks in the system and to take care of them immediately.

Chimneys and Vents

To make sure that air will go in and out properly, checking the chimney and vent is a must. Many overlook these, but it will help your air conditioner and furnace work efficiently.


With proper ductwork installed for your units, air will flow properly. Make sure there is good insulation and proper junctions. Your technician will be able to take care of the problems like leaks and gaps in the pipe connections. Your air conditioner and furnace will work effectively if you have a great ductwork. 

 If you want to avoid unexpected costs of emergency repairs, book plans with your HVAC contractor now. Take advantage of check-ups, tune-ups, cleanings, and inspections they offer. They will be ready to do the essential services to keep your air conditioner and furnace in good condition.