How to Install A Shower Pan On A Concrete Floor

Oh! I heard that you are now in the process of renovating your bathroom. A bathroom is one of the most important parts of a house. Sometimes, this is the right place to relax and contemplate life. One of the necessities to have a comfortable bathroom is having a shower pan on the concrete floor. Its purpose is not just for making your bathroom more beautiful but also for safety and concrete floor durability.

Before we start on how to install a shower pan, let’s first define what it is for us to understand more.

A shower pan is the base of a shower that collects the water. It has a non-slippery texture that prevents you from having any other accidents while taking a bath. Most of the shower pans are made up of acrylic or maybe, fibreglass. You can make your own shower pan but for efficiency, there are manufacturers that are producing this kind of material. 

Why do I need to install a shower pan?

You need to install a shower pan not just for the sake of designs but more importantly, for the sake of safety and for concrete to last longer. Since shower pan has a non-slippery texture, it would help you to avoid accidents in the future. Concrete also absorbs water and if concrete continuously and tirelessly absorbs water in everyday life, expect that your concrete will be damaged shortly.

Installing a shower pan only involves easy steps as long as you have the right equipment to use.

Here are the lists of things that you need to have:

  1. Hammer
  2. Tape measure
  3. Pliers
  4. Wet saw
  5. Screwdriver
  6. Level indicator
  7. Silicone
  8. Masking tape

Before we start installing the shower pan, it is important to get the right and exact measurements. No more no less policy must be implemented. The measurement must be exact strictly to ensure the goodness of the shower pan on catching every water that will fall every time that you use the shower.

Next thing, make a shower drain. It is a necessary thing to have drainage. You do not want to be flooded by used water, right? To make this, here are the procedures.

First, Set a tray that is connected to the drain.

Second, wait for the cement to dry. Do not put the body hole first because we need to set the shower pan before putting it.

Third, Pour water to ensure that the holes can drain and has no problem with draining.

Let’s get it on and install your shower pan!

Use a level indicator to make sure that the concrete floor is consistent on its level. Water will not flow properly if the surface is not flat. Apply a roofing paper and vinyl sheets to make the shower pan waterproof. That is needed because water can be absorbed by the concrete and it may lead to damages such as cracks. The shower pan is easy to apply because we have set it on its exact measure a while ago. Install the shower drain and screw it. So, that’s it! We just need to perform a water test to ensure that the drainage and shower pan works well.

In doing this, you only need a short time to accomplish all of it if you are guided responsibly and if you have the right equipment needed. When things do not go with what you planned, just fix it right away to avoid more serious damage.