Where to Find an Air Conditioner Capacitor

Inside your air conditioner are components that help your unit run efficiently, smoothly, and properly. One of these essential components is the capacitor. It is a tiny, cylindrical, or round object that stores and supplies energy to the unit, especially during start-up. When your air conditioner breaks down at some point, the problem might be coming from a bad capacitor. If you have to replace it, you have to find the same model and the one that suits your unit.

Here are some places where you can find a capacitor:

Nearby HVAC Stores

Most of the time, local HVAC stores near you have everything that you need, especially capacitors. Go to the nearest store and ask the store clerk about the capacitor that will match your air conditioner. It is better if you have the faulty capacitor with you so that they will know what exactly you are looking for.

Online HVAC Stores

You can always search the web for online HVAC stores. Before searching for a capacitor online, make sure that you know all the information your previous capacitor has. Before buying, always check the reviews submitted by other buyers. Online stores are highly accessible, but you’ll have to wait for a while as they ship your item to your door.

To make sure that you are buying the capacitor that is suitable for your air conditioner, here are some capacitor information you will need to know about:

Capacitor Type

Usually, there are two types of capacitors you can find inside your air conditioner. They are called run capacitors, and the other is called a start capacitor. Run capacitor helps your unit from start-ups, even until your unit is running. While the other only helps your unit during start-ups. 

Capacitance Value 

One piece of information you have to take note of is the capacitance value. This is printed on the side of your capacitor. Usually, there are two types of capacitors. One is a run capacitor, and the other is a start capacitor. Of course, they will have different capacitance values. Find a capacitor that has a capacitance value matching your old one.

Capacitor Voltage

The capacitor you need to buy should match your old capacitor’s voltage. Knowing this information is very essential for your unit. This information is easily visible as it is printed on the side of the capacitor. If it happens to be erased, it’s usually indicated inside your unit’s manual. 

Capacitor Shape

The capacitor shape will also tell you that it has a different job than other capacitors, so this is very important to take note of. Some capacitor shapes may vary from others, so you have to keep this in mind and buy a capacitor that will match your old capacitor’s shape.

If you are confused about what capacitor you should buy, don’t be afraid to contact your trusted HVAC contractor. If your unit is still under warranty, it is best to let them handle this problem.